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DYXY Cosmetics founded in 2016. We are experts in cosmetics & one of the earliest to bring formula from Korea into Malaysia. We are now producing products with improved quality & formula and expanding across Malaysia. Our vision is to be a leading players in South East Asia by 2028.



A local brand cosmetics company existed in 2016 faced a competition from other local and international brands to increase brand awareness and sales revenue made a decision to create TRUST and SATISFACTION to the customers.


INBOSZ, an existing social media advertisement platform was introduced to DYXY to promote the branding that can create TRUST and SATISFACTION to the targeted market segment.


In just a week of viral via INBOSZ, Rocketing Viral, DYXY’s website exceeded the bandwidth limit. This shows that high visitors traffic were seeking more informations on DYXY’s products and also help in improving their rankings in the online market.